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ヒスパニックのもたらす新しい流れ (English)





A New Trend Brought about by the Hispanic

The U.S. is rocked by the regulation for illegal immigrants. The Hispanic, who have been relatively reticent in the political scene, finally began to speak out their rights. Their number will exceed the white people in the near future. Some of them prefer even to sing the American anthem in Spanish.

So far, the Anglo-Saxon people have ruled the economy and society of the U.S., but the new power may intend for a new America quite different from the older America in cultures and languages. There appear some symptoms of fissure in the country which has been relatively stable.

Both North and South Americas may be completely latinized in the end. The U.S. may go through the first disintegration since the end of the Civil War. That will lead to the grave changes in American military, diplomacy and capital investment.


反アラブ的漫画 ( English )






Anti-Islam Cartoons

Arab people's anger over the cartoons published in Denmark which laughed at Mohammed is going to spread throughout the Middle East. Some journalists in Europe seem not to take it seriously. Their thoughtless conduct (reprinting the cartoons to other papers) invited even more Islamic repulsion.

Some journalists spoke of "freedom of speech". But it doesn't give free rein to anybody. Freedom of speech ends where other people's honor, reality and customs begin. The author of the cartoons lacked sufficient understanding with Islamic cultures and religions. They are the products of the author's ignorance.

Cultures and religions in other countries are different from those of political system. What the author forgets is, they are what have infiltrated deep into people's lives. Making fun of them often equals to treating someone with contempt.

It is quite true of people making fuss of eating dog's meat in China and hysterically claiming (except for the environmental reasons) that Japan should stop catching whales, which the country has been doing for a long time . Not knowing how a culture has been nurtured and developed, someone will make a lightheaded judgement, and this can often lead to uncontrollable emotional responses on the part of the other.

Feb. 4, 2006


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